Debit Card Information

Fraud Protection

First Peoples Bank offers a 24/7 debit card monitoring system that ensures immediate notification of any unusual activity. You will be notified via text, automated calls, and email if your account is believed to be compromised in any way. You can find peace in knowing that we prioritize your right to financial privacy above all else.

Travel Notifications

As you find yourself exploring new places, note that using your card in unusual locations may appear as suspicious activity in our attempt to protect your account. To prevent disruption of your debit card usage during your travels, notify First Peoples Bank of your destination and travel dates by contacting us at 865-475-9052.

Cardholder Agreement

This card is the property of the card issuer which holds the accounts accessed by this card and must be returned upon demand. It is not transferable and can be cancelled at an time without prior notice. The holder’s use of this card or signature hereon constitutes acceptance of the Cardholder Agreement issued for this account. 

How to Report a Debit Card Issue

If you suspect your card is lost or stolen during our normal business hours, please call 865-475-9052.

If you find that your card has been lost or stolen outside of our normal business hours, please call 1-888-297-3416.

If you would like to change your PIN number, please call 865-475-9052 to request a PIN number change form to be mailed to your address on file. As we keep our promise of protecting your account, PIN number changes are not available over the phone as a precaution to keep you safe.